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Jobs That Claim Most Tax Deductions in Australia

Did you know that there are some jobs that usually claim way higher deductions than other professions? Depending upon the profession you have chosen, you may get more or less deductions to claim.

Jobs That Claim Most Tax Deductions

For an average Australian, a little over $3000 is claimable under the common tax deductions in Australia. However, for the following occupations, this amount is much higher.

Average tax deductions by occupation

1.    Surgeons

Surgeons get to claim the highest amount, with an average of $21,184. The claims are definitely high, but so is the amount they had to spend for their jobs. As a surgeon, one needs thorough knowledge and experience as well.


For this, surgeons spend a high amount on self-education to keep ahead. On top of this, they need to pay for the licensing and insurance from time to time.

2.    Real estate agents

Real estate agents hold the second position in the list of average deductions by occupation, with $8616. The reason behind such a high claim is the frequent travelling they have to do. They claim deductions on their car expenses. Along with this, they also need licences to do their job. So, the higher the expense, the higher they can claim.

Real estate agents

3.    Lawyers

On average, a lawyer claims $6861. Since they have to be well informed about all the changes happening in their fields, they splurge a good amount to study. The ATO lets professionals claim a deduction on the amount they spend to study as long as it is related to their professions. Also, just like the previous two, they must have a licence.


4.    Truck drivers

While you might be thinking that there is not much to claim as a deduction for truck drivers, their average deduction claim is $5058. The reason behind this is the constant travelling. They can deduct the cost of fuel, along with that of oil and lubricants for their vehicle. Parking fees, tolls, insurance premiums, repairs, vehicle registration and servicing costs are also deductible.

Truck drivers

Other than these, there are some more professions that get higher deduction claims than the average. They are tradies, farmers, engineers, vets, accountants and teachers.

How to ensure you are claiming the most deduction as per your occupation?

If you are wondering whether you are claiming the most deductions or not, you can check out the ATO occupation guide. To check if your claim is legitimate or not, think about the following:

  • Is the claim work-related?
  • Is the expense directly linked to your income?
  • Was it you who paid for it?
  • Do you have the receipt?

If your answer to these was yes, then be happy because the claim is mostly legitimate. One way to ensure you can claim the deductions on tax time is by keeping an up-to-date record of their receipts.

Also, regardless of your profession, the cost of hiring a tax agent or tax accountant is deductible. Simply put, not only do you get the expertise of a professional, but you also get a much better tax return than average.

So, if you want to hire a professional, contact Clear Tax Accountants. We will help you with your tax matters, along with giving you the advice you need.

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