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Business Exit Strategy Planning

You’ve had a storied career as a business owner but now it’s time to hang up your hat. How do you plan an effective exit from your business ahead of time? It pays to create a diligent exit strategy that works for both your business and your financial position.

At Clear Tax, we know what it takes to undertake successful exit strategy planning. Whether you are planning on selling your business or planning the succession of ownership to another party, we can ensure that all the processes are in place to give you the best result.

Financial freedom

The best business succession plans involve giving owners a degree of financial freedom as a reward for their years of hard work. With planning financial freedom comes other services like financial advice and estate planning to ensure that you are getting the best deal.

Creating systems

Taking a key decision maker or operator out of a business can be detrimental to how it runs. We’ll work with you to create systems and processes to ensure that your business can run smoothly in your absence.

Succession planning

If you have a succession plan in mind, you need to think about it months and years in advance of when you plan to leave the business. Forward planning can ease the transition to new ownership better than waiting until the last minute.

Clear Tax

Business Exit Planning Services In Australia

At Clear Tax, our business planning experts are here to help you prepare and execute the best possible succession or exit plan. This isn’t easy, and takes a lot of time to get it right. It pays to start early to ensure the greatest degree of success.

No two businesses are the same – and neither will the plans required to exit from them. We undertake every business exit strategy with a highly bespoke approach, ensuring that our clients get the best possible service.

Our capable and qualified accountants can offer a range of financial services to help aid your transition. From tax planning and seeking investment to selling your businesses, we can offer you a highly professional service that is always executed with your best interests in mind.

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What Our Clients Say About Business Exit Planning Services

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I have worked with Clear Tax Accountants in Richmond Melbourne for about one year. They have managed my returns, my Jobkeeper, my grants and all they have done very professionally and are a wonderful friendly group of friends. I recommend them if you’re considering an accounting firm.
Great job to all of your Clear Tax teams. As the name states its been a very clear advice and efficient. Always helpful to develop our business via free seminars. Great job guys.
I have been dealing with Yuvraj for number of years. His personal, professional and prompt service is second to none, one of the many reasons i have referred her to my clients and friends. will continue to do so. Without a doubt, 5 star all the way.
Their services are dependable, quick, and reasonably priced. They keep me informed about new tax legisaltion that may affect my position and will assist me reduce the amount of tax I owe or maximise my refund. I’m certain that my taxes are being handled in the most efficient manner possible. Thank you very much!
Highly recommended clear tax accountant. Ash and Manish and the team are providing the best services in Melbourne, extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional. They are very responsive and answer all your queries. Always happy with their work so thank you very much.
Ash and Yuvraj are a great team. They genuinely care and help people. They are professional and friendly. No matter how busy they are, they will always get back to you. I have called Ash few times and he has always called back irrespective of the time, always chirpy even over the phone. I would highly recommend their team.
Ash and the team at Clear Tax have been absolutely spot-on for me and my business. Thorough, informed, approachable and, above-all, affordable, their company provides an incredibly refreshing and forward-thinking alternative to the more ‘old-school’ accountancy firms. Thank you for helping me in an area of business I do not love!
We are delighted with the service Ash and his team at Clear Tax Accountants has afforded us since we joined them. They are very forward thinking utilising new software apps and technology. Most importantly for us, they are always accessible to help and answer our queries, as well as taking the time to get to know more about our business, Government Grants and how it works – a rare thing!
Excellent Service & help with all aspects of my accounts. Working as a micro-business I have little time to spend on accounts and the team at Clear Tax Accountants have looked after me brilliantly from the very beginning. I feel I am in safe hands and they answer queries in a very straightforward manner so I understand everything in order to decide what to do best for my business. Delighted with Ash and Yuvraj. Thank you!
We are delighted with the service Ash and his team at Clear Tax Accountants has afforded us since we joined them. They are very forward thinking utilising new software apps and technology. Most importantly for us, they are always accessible to help and answer our queries, as well as taking the time to get to know more about our business, Government Grants and how it works – a rare thing!
Clear Tax Accountants

Choosing The Right Succession Planning Accounting Strategies For You

Our success is built on yours. The Clear Tax succession and exit planning team work with business owners of all sizes to help them find better outcomes. We work with you to understand the intricacies of your business and apply the right strategy moving forward.

It’s our commitment to offer expert accounting and financial advice to help individuals ethically. We promise to always operate within the boundaries of the law and regulations, always with your best interests in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Succession Planning And Accounting
Below are answers to some of the most common questions our business exit and succession planning accountants get asked.
  • When should I sell my business?

    If you’ve been thinking about selling your business for a while, it pays to get started early. You can potentially maximise your sale price by getting started as early as possible. We recommend beginning the process at least a year before you want to be out the door.

  • How do I make my business more attractive for a sale?

    An attractive business is easy to run. Buyers will value your business more highly if all systems and processes are seamless and easy to manage. If you think you’re ready to sell, approach a business broker who is familiar with your industry and see what they can do to make your business even more attractive.

  • How do you value a business?

    Business valuations are incredibly complex. Businesses perceived as riskier than others will fetch less of a multiplier of their net income because of this risk. Businesses that have produced profits over a decade are safer, and might sell for 10 times this net profit.

  • Can I make an employee owner or co-owner?

    Bringing employees in as owner roles can be great for motivation and succession planning. You can do this in many ways – by selling shares to them, by gifting them shares, or offering them at a discounted rate. Each of these scenarios has different tax consequences, so be sure to ask us about them before you proceed.

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