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Did you know you could claim these 6 deductions?

Claim on Tax Deductions

In the past couple of years, people have become more aware of tax deductions. However, there are still a couple of uncommon deductions that only a few people take advantage of.

The ATO lets you claim a lot of tax deductions as long as you are able to prove that you spent your money for professional purposes. Here are those unheard deductions for you to claim this tax time.


claim six deductions

Sun protection

Who would have thought you could claim sunscreen’s cost, right? Well, if your job requires you to stay outdoors or in the sun for prolonged periods, then you can do it. This deduction is applicable for jobs like gardening, farming, construction, or others.

Similarly, if you use hats and sunglasses for your work, they are also claimable. Workers like outdoor recreation staff or those conducting outdoor fitness classes can also benefit from this.


Can I claim my dog as a tax deduction in Australia? Unfortunately, there is no legal way that you can do this for your little pet. However, if you get a dog responsible for keeping the premises secure, it is possible to get a deduction.

The ATO has clearly stated that only genuine guard dogs, responsible for keeping the property or tools secure, are subjected to the depreciating deduction. The same goes for the dogs kept on a farm.


Claiming the laundry expenses for your daily uniform at work is also possible. This claim also includes the dry-cleaning cost, and you get to claim $1 for each load. But you will have to pay attention to the price you spend.

If the costs fall under $300, there is no need for receipt or evidence. Any money spent above this amount will be checked with proof, mainly receipts.


This one is a no-brainer. Any subscription that is directly linked to your profession can be claimed for deduction. The subscriptions can be of anything; your local newspaper, journals, professional magazines or anything relevant to your trade.

You need to keep the receipts in hand as evidence, and when the time comes, talk with your accountant. If you need any guidance, you can always contact Clear Tax Accountants.


Handbags are tax deductible as well, but you cannot claim your luxury bag in the name of it. These should be used for work purposes only, such as for carrying a laptop or work-related documents. You can claim one work bag each year.

So, if you hoped to buy a luxury bag under this deduction, that would not work. Besides this, a briefcase, backpack or satchel should also be claimable.

 Social Functions

If you have to attend social functions as a part of your job, then be happy because you may qualify for a tax deduction. Although this deduction does not apply to a wide range of professions, it can benefit jobs like reporting. As reporters must attend an event and report it later to any news outlet, they get to claim the cost.

If you wish to claim all these deductions, along with the ones you are eligible for, reach out to Clear Tax accountants.

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