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Cancelling Your GST Registration

Are you planning to sell your business or close it? If yes, then you must also cancel your GST registration.

Along with this, you may also have to cancel your GST registration if there are changes in the business structure.

When You Should Cancel Your GST Registration?

If you’re considering cancelling your GST registration, there are a few important factors to keep in mind.

Firstly, if you’ve sold or closed your business, or if there’s been a change in your business structure, such as transitioning from a partnership to a company, you’re required to cancel your GST registration within 21 days.

Additionally, if your GST turnover falls below the compulsory registration threshold, you have the option to cancel your registration.

cancelling your gst registration

However, there are exceptions to this rule.

If you’re a taxi driver, represent an incapacitated entity, or act as an agent for a non-resident entity registered for GST, you may not be eligible to voluntarily cancel your registration.

What Are the Effects of Cancelling Your GST Registration on Other Registration?

If you’re temporarily pausing or permanently closing your business, it’s essential to continue meeting your tax and superannuation obligations, including lodgment, reporting, and payment requirements.

When you decide to cancel your GST registration, it’s important to note that some of your other registrations may also be affected, although not all of them.

Cancellation of your GST registration will automatically result in the cancellation of your registrations for the following:

  • fuel tax credits,
  • luxury car tax (LCT), and
  • wine equalisation tax (WET)

However, you’ll still be required to lodge activity statements if you’re registered for pay-as-you-go (PAYG) withholding, participating in PAYG instalments, or have fringe benefits tax (FBT) obligations.

GST Registration Cancellation Date

The date you select to cancel your GST registration should be the final day you wish to remain registered.

cancellation date- cancel your gst registration

Normally, the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) processes your GST registration cancellation from the chosen date. However, there are some important points to remember:

  • You cannot cancel your registration retrospectively if you are still conducting business under a GST-registered status after the chosen cancellation date.
  • After your cancellation date, you must cease operating under a GST-registered status.
  • Cancellation is not permitted if you’ve already submitted an activity statement covering the period, including the cancellation date.

How Can You Cancel Your GST Registration?

To cancel your GST registration, along with any associated roles or registrations, you have several options:

cancel your gst registration

  • Use Online services for business, accessible through the ATO website.
  • Contact the ATO by phone at 13 28 66 during their operating hours, which are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Engage your registered tax or BAS agent to handle the cancellation process on your behalf.
  • Complete the Application to cancel registration (NAT 2955) form, which can be obtained through online ordering, and mail it to the ATO.

For registered tax agents, the Online services provide a platform to update or cancel a client’s tax registration conveniently.


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